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In the United States of America every citizen is entitled to a defense. In the court of law the prosecution cannot point the finger of blame at you without providing evidence to prove their case. The same theory applies to the credit bureaus. We demand that the credit bureaus prove what they report in your credit files. Credit Score Consultants (CSC) specializes in helping people restore their credit. We have created an approved system to provide the best possible defense for your negative credit report. Whether your credit report is accurate or not, the credit bureaus are often unable or unwilling to prove it.

Helping You Avoid High Interest Rates

Avoid high interest rates by using credit restoration and repair services from Credit Score Consultants. We are headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and help you fix your credit nationwide. Typically, our services are used by clients who want to buy a big ticket item, such as a house. Having your credit repaired helps with insurance rates, consumer and installment loans, as well as interest rates.

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Your Free Credit Analysis

We offer a free analysis of your credit and have a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) information packet that is endorsed by all three credit bureaus. This guarantees that no residual trade lines come creeping back in before the closing of the loan. To have the free analysis done on your credit, all that you have to do is contact us and provide the information required to pull your credit and perform the analysis. Once this is done, we then let you know what we are able to specifically do for you. This process takes approximately one day.

Pricing Details

Unlike most of our competitors, who like to charge you a high monthly fee costing you thousands, our service is offered at a one-time fee. This includes a one-year contract, which means that you are enrolled in our program for the full year. Generally, we get you to the level that you need for your FICO score well before the end of the one-year period. However, the fee guarantees that you stay in the program for up to a year, which ensures that if anything creeps up in your credit, we are able to address it at that time. When providing our services, you have the option of having us meet at your mortgage broker's office or do everything via phone or online.